Winter 2010

National Events

Invercargill Marathon

Alex Williams 3rd smashes old PB by six minutes... 
More to come

Auckland Marathon

Some of our premier athletes traveled North to take on the best in one of the countries biggest events and performed exceedingly well. 

Here is the Athletics NZ media release...
Dale Warrander clawed his way back into contention over the final five kilometres to collect his third New Zealand marathon title in Auckland Sunday morning.
At each of three feeding stations well into the second half of the race Warrander was unable to find his drink bottle allowing Sam Wreford to gain an advantage which Warrander had to fight back.
At 32km Wreford made a bid for victory building up a lead of 15 metres. However with 4km remaining Warrander put in a surge which carried him quickly into a commanding lead. He cut out the 5km between 35km and 40km in 15m 42s.
The 2004 Athens Olympian finished in 2h 19m 22s, 34 seconds ahead ofWreford.
Warrander said that he felt flat going into the race.
“I was feeling a bit flat – I didn’t feel great right from the start really. I started out and my legs felt a little bit tired, I’ve been doing some big miles and maybe I didn’t taper enough,” he said.
“I thought just stay relaxed but Sam put a lot of pressure on me, I take my hat off to him he ran a gutsy race and there were a few moments there where I was panicking a little bit.
“I missed a few drink stations which really got me psychologically and he made a couple of breaks as I was coming up to the drink stations trying to find my bottle,” he said.
Warrander said that he tried not to panic too much.
“I clawed my way back on to him and I knew if I was in contact in the last few k’s then I have a good chance of taking him. I back my pace at the end of a marathon and I got stronger in that last 5km in fact the last 5km was the best I felt the whole race,” he said.
The great double Olympic Games marathon gold medallist Abebe Bikila once said – ‘Fighters never think of losing they always go out on the assumption that the victory is always theirs’.
“I made that break with 5km to go and I just consolidated on that. Once I got that break I knew I had it,” said Warrander....
Wreford was happy with his run saying it was ideal for his present level of fitness.
“I couldn’t really expect more – it’s probably a week and a half training after an injury, so I wasn’t flash going into it,” he said.
“So I just hung in there. A couple more weeks and I’ll be away.
“I struggled with the camber on the road a couple of times otherwise I love the 42 kilometres. It’s the first marathon I’ve actually had a full on race with anyone – my first real battle head to head with someone, its good experience,” said Wreford.
Four times previous winner Phil Costley of Christchurch, after a conservative start, came through well over the second half to claim third in 2h 24m 26s. Scott Winton 2003 winner was fourth in 2h 29m 40s with Japanese visitor Koji Tanaka from Tokyo running a personal best 2h 30m 3s for fifth. At the age of 54 Gavin Stevens just keeps churning out the marathons, his latest effort being seventh place in 2h 33m 43s.
Costley said he wasn’t sure what he was capable of.
“I haven’t sort of had a good build up and I’ve been a bit crook in the last week so I wasn’t sort of sure of what I could do.
“I did what I felt comfortable with in the first half and kept the other guys in sight and managed to work my way up to them. Scotty had a bit of a fumble at a drink station and that sort of broke everyone up and I managed to get away,” said Costley.
Once comfortably in third Costley said that he was just running for home.
“That conservative start allowed me to work a bit harder in the closing stages – experience, you can’t beat it can you?” he added.

Danielle Trevis set a women’s half marathon race record of 1h 13m 8s beating Delhi Commonwealth Games double silver medallist Nikki Hamblin by just over three minutes. In a tight finish for the third place, Kellie Palmer got there in 1h 18m 25s two seconds ahead of Lisa Robertson with a further eight seconds to Alexandra Williams. Matt Smith made it two years in a row in the men’s half in 1h 6m 38s well clear of Stephen Lett and Rowan Hooper.
Trevis, who broke Crumpton’s record of 1h 15m 59s from last year, said that it was her first half marathon.
“I’ve done two two hour runs, that’s the most I’ve done. I was aiming for 1h 14m. Trevis said that she may tackle the national 10km championships in Tauranga on 4 January. Based on her 32m 41s 10km road time Trevis should break Sonia Barry’s New Zealand W19 record of 34m 4.6s, just 15 days before her 20
th birthday.
Hamblin said that she knew that she was going out to run for second.
“Danielle is in just crazy form, 32 minutes for 10km a couple of weeks ago, I know I’m not in anywhere near shape to compete with that, so definitely pleased with my run,” said Hamblin....
Smith said that he really enjoyed the race and the atmosphere that Auckland puts on for the event. Despite running 19 seconds slower than his winning time last year Smith said that he felt better.
“I’ve done a bit more training on the hills. The bridge is really nice, it’s kind of like the last hill, you know once you get to the top of the bridge you are then on the homeward spurt and also the way the start times are scheduled you start to meet a lot of the marathon runners on the bridge and they are always generous with giving us support as we come past - shout us on and it makes you really feel part of the whole experience of being in a big race with a lot of people all trying their best,” said Smith.

Brett Tingay and Fiona Crombie of Christchurch both made it four years in a row in the quarter marathon (10.55km) Tingay running 32m 20s to beat national secondary schools cross country champion Declan Wilson by over two minutes and Crombie recording 37m 30s in her race.




Senior Men.-76.1km:

1.     Canterbury University (Andrew Davidson, Phil Costley, Luke Hurring, Matt Harris, Brett Tingay, Jason Lawrence, Malcolm Hicks, Rowan Hooper) 4h 4m 39s  

2.     Pakuranga 4h 8m 14s 2,

3.      New Brighton 4h 10m 47s 3.

Senior B Grade:

1.     Hamilton City Hawks 4h 30m 8s ,

2.     Lake City Athletics 4h 32m 23s  

3.     Wellington Harrier Athletic 4h 33m 7s

4.       Olympic Harriers (Wellington) 4:45:46

5.      University of Canterbury 4:56:51

Junior 37km:

1.     Hamilton City Hawks 2h 0m 35s 1,

2.     Auckland City Athletics 2h 2m 52s 2,

3.     Wesley 2h 3m 7s 3.

4. North Harbour Bays 2:12:16

5.  University of Canterbury 2:13:16

Senior Women.76.1km:

1.     Canterbury University (Tracy Crossley, Nicki McFadzien, Fiona Crombie, Alex Williams, Kellie Palmer, Julieana Findlay, Aine Hoban, Whitney Greig)    4h 53m 16s

2.     Pakuranga 5h 3m 12s 2,

3.     Wellington Scottish 5h 9m 23s 3.


Sam Wreford Smashes Dunedin Marathon Record

12 September 2010

Athletics NZ Media Release - Murray McKinnon

Sam Wreford’s burgeoning marathon running career took a giant leap forward with a record breaking run in the annual Moro Marathon in Dunedin on Sunday morning. In only his fourth marathon Wreford romped home in 2h 19m 17s, to slice over five minutes off Paul Allison’s 1993 course record of 2h 24m 31s.

In perfect conditions for marathon running, still cool conditions early morning and then sunny with a slight breeze, Wreford was on his own throughout, winning by a wide margin of 18 minutes. Will Smith was second in 2h 37m 11s with the first master Tim Graham third overall in 2h 51m 12s.
Wreford was second to Rowan Hooper in 2008 in 2h 27m 36s, second again to Phil Costley in the Buller marathon last year in 2h 23m 20s and then victory in the Lydiard Legends Marathon in Auckland a year ago in 2h 23m 11s.

Wreford said that his plan was to cruise through the first 25km and then pick up the pace for a time trial effort over the final 15km. He was through the half way in 70m. “I’m finding marathons are my cup of tea. I knew, having run the course before, 2h 30m was achievable, perhaps 2h 25m, it was a bit quicker than I thought,” said Wreford.

His long term goal is the marathon at the 2012 London Olympic Games, but before that he is looking for a fast time in the Fukuoka marathon in December.

Sarah Chisnall won the women’s section in 2h 57m 50s, with master Ingrid Frost second overall in 3h 16m 30s and master Toni Smith third in 3h 18m 13s.

Luke Hurring won the associated half marathon in 1h 8m 22s, from Tony Payne 1h 10m 12s and Oliver O’Sullivan 1h 13m 0s. Robert Battocchio was the first master in 1h 16m 47s. Kellie Palmer won the women’s half in a race record 1h 19m 56s, with master Michelle Hopkins second in 1h 20m 26s and Kirsty Morris third in 1h 23m 43s. Deborah Lynch ran 1h 29m 33s and Eveline Coombe 1h 30m 10s. Palmer, who won the half last year, clipped 31 seconds off Kirsty Morris’ 2007 record.

The half marathon race walk went to Daniel Lord in 2h 8m 27s, just under a minute ahead of Roger Leslie. Kate Newitt won the women’s half walk in 2h 31m 19s from Margaret Jones 2h 32m 1s and Jill Stewart 2h 34m 57s.

New Zealand Road Championships - Cancelled
4 September 2010
The New Zealand Road Championships due to be held at Spencer Park were cancelled as a result of the devastation caused by the earthquake which struck Canterbury at 4:35am on Saturday morning. Despite the major damage to the city, homes, and livelihoods, thankfully it appears there are very few serious injuries.
Athletics NZ Media Release
The New Zealand Road Championships due to be held today (Saturday 4 September) in Christchurch have been cancelled following the earthquake in the city.
Athletics New Zealand Competitions and Events Manager Leanne Asher said the decision was not taken lightly, but safety issues for competitors, transport difficulties to and within the city and damage to the course meant that it would be very unwise to proceed.
21 University athletes have been selected to represent Canterbury in the NZ Road Champs being held at Spencer Park this Saturday, 4th September. University athletes representing Canterbury (andUniversity) this weekend are (38 total):
5km Race Walk 9:30am
Phillip Meikle (M16)
Ben Meikle (M16)
Jenny Meikle (W16)
Rowena Meikle (W19)
Masters Men 35+ 10km 11:00am
Michael Bond (MM65-69)
Malcolm Cornelius (MM40-44)
Phil Costley (MM40-44)
Chris Mardon (MM35-39)
Peter Stribling (MM55-59)
Men 19 8km 12:05pm
Alex Fowler
Simon Gannaway
Thomas Holmes
Oska Inkster-Baynes
Masters Women 35+ 5km 12:40pm
Tracy Crossley (MW35-39)
Julieana Findlay (MW40-44)
Women 19 5km 12:40pm
Flora Brocherie
Louise Harvey
Nicki McFadzien
Women 16 5km 12:40pm
Sammy Richards
Boys & Girls 14 3km 1:45pm
Rosa Flanagan (G14)
Annie Vincent (G14)
Libby Vincent (G13)
Guy Greenslade (B14)
Boys & Girls 12 2km 2:05pm
Rhiannon Adams (G12)
Jessie Anderson (G12)
William Boyd (B12)
Ben Marshall-Lee (B11)
Boys & Girls 10 & Under 2km 2:20pm
Senior Men 10km 2:35pm
Phil Costley
Malcolm Hicks
Luke Hurring
Brett Tingay
Sam Wreford
Senior Women 10km 2:35pm
Fiona Crombie
Alicia Evans
Whitney Greig
Sarah McSweeney
Kellie Palmer
Rosa Scott
Alex Williams

New Zealand Cross Country Championships
Fiona Crombie retains SW NZ Cross Country title
Michael Bond 1st MM65, Nicki McFadzien 2nd W19, Tracy Crossley 3rd MW
Rosa Flanagan & Annie Vincent help Canterbury W16 team to gold
9 August 2010
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Alex Parlane put the hammer down at half-way, shook off his opposition and swept to victory in the senior men's 12,000m at the New Zealand cross country championships at Waikanae on Saturday.
The first year senior gave no one any chance of catching him, building up a commanding lead of 12 seconds going into the final 2km circuit. He finished in 39m14s, 15 seconds ahead of fast finishing former Aucklander now resident of Melbourne Shaun Krawitz. Dougal Thorburn ran the race of his life for third. Phil Costley going for his seventh cross country title was unable to stay with the pace set by the younger runners, finishing seventh.
Fiona Crombie retained her women's title, ahead of Lisa Robertson and Rachel Kingsford.

Parlane joins Richard Potts in 1991, Rex Maddaford in 1966 and Murray Halberg in 1953 as first year senior winners of the title. “I’m ecstatic,” was Parlane’s reaction coming through to the recovery area. “It was good, we went out fast and then had a slow second lap – I heard that I’d dropped Phil Costley and I was pretty happy with that and then I was feeling good at 5km and I sort of just worked into a good rhythm over the final 2km lap,” said Parlane. “But I was knackered over the final kilometre, I was pretty much walking up the hill looking over my shoulder making sure I had it,” he added. Parlane was full of praise for his coach Dave Drummond in taking his first senior title.


“Dave, I can’t thank him enough, he was running around the course telling me how far I’ve got on them and telling me I’m feeling good, it’s just a motivational boost – I’m speechless.” Krawitz said that when Parlane made his move he knew that was going to be the winning move. “I knew that I had to go with him, but it’s just not that easy sometimes,” said Krawitz. “He had done enough to stay away from me in that last couple of kilometres. Krawitz added that if he had been with Parlane with 3km to go he would have had him. “But you’ve got to be there.” “I’m happy though, first senior medal, so it’s always good to get one of those under the belt. Last year I had a really average run so I’m happy just to come back and be on the podium,” he said.

Thorburn said that it was his first top ten finish at the nationals. “It’s been a long time coming after sticking to the sport for ages, but finally with a bit of consistent training, without being a full time doctor and just studying it’s starting to pay off,” he said.

Crombie of Canterbury had a tough race in retaining her women’s title over 8km. She went out early established control and held on grimly to win in 29m 39s. Robertson of Auckland was a surprise second in 29m 53s, six seconds ahead of one of the pre-race favourites Kingsford of Otago. “It was really tough, there was such good competition and I just had no idea how it was going to go at all. I knew I had to keep pushing because people from behind would be pushing Rachel, so I had to just keep going and going – I knew that my legs would take me through basically,“ said Crombie.


Robertson has suddenly elevated herself into world cross country championship contention.
“I was a bit surprised I just was aiming for the top ten, so I’m really rapt,” she said. “It was Kellie Palmer (fourth) I was watching and I thought if she weakened and I got to the hills and had a bit left in the tank I’d get past her and I did. “I was quite happy where I was sitting and then I was getting closer to second and I thought I’ll see if I can push past her (Kingsford) and I surprised myself,” said Robertson. “Second in New Zealand, I think my Dad will be proud of me.”

Aaron Pulford of Waikato, fresh from his fifth placing, in New Zealand junior record time, in the 10,000m at the world junior championships in Canada, retained his M19 title. 
He was tested over the first half by Auckland’s Cameron Graves but once into his powerful stride proved too strong for Graves on the hills. Pulford said that he has done very little in the way of training since returning from Canada. “I didn’t train much this week, I came off the 10km in Canada and just rested, I’ve only done two jogs this week – so I start back seriously training next week,” he said.


“I came down here for a good win and to try and help my team mate and training partner (Cory Whiting) get third, and he got third so it’s a good day for Waikato,” he added. Graves said that a stitch problem he has flared up a bit. “I can’t do much about it. It would have been closer but I don’t think I would have got him today,” he said.


Danielle Trevis of Auckland won the W19 6km in 21m 49s, over a minute ahead of Nicki McFadzien of Canterbury. Trevis said that it was a great turn around from when she competed at Waikanae two years ago. “It’s a course I didn’t actually like that much two years ago, where I ended up ninth (in the W19 race) – one of my worst races of my life,” she said. “But the course was all right this time. The coach said don’t sort of take the lead till about half way. I felt OK so I just sort of went for it. That last hurdle I sort of crawled over it, otherwise the last lap felt good,” she added.

Matt Baxter was superb winning the M16 title as he liked. The Taranaki flyer was around the 6km in 19m 59s, 40 seconds ahead of Ben Moynihan of Auckland. 
“I planned to try and lead it from the start and just keep the lead and try and make it bigger. It pretty much went to plan as I hoped,” said Baxter. Despite having it in the bag Baxter still raised a sustained sprint down the finishing straight. “I always make sure at the end of all my runs that I do a fast stride out at the end so when it comes to these races then I always have something left at the end,” He added.


Grace McConnochie of Gisborne gave no one else in the field a chance in the W16 4km leading almost from start to finish in 15m 19s.It was McConnochie’s first national title after finishing third in the W16 3000m in Christchurch in March. The self trained runner said that it was a matter of getting into the lead and holding on. “I just got a lead and managed to hold on to it to the end. I don’t really have much of a sprint finish so I tried to hold on to the lead,” she said.


Richard Bennett of Canterbury made it five years in a row as outright winner of the masters 8km. Fellow team mate Kerry Faass provided Bennett with some company over the first half before the long legged Bennett moved into full stride and completely dominated the race. “I was definitely keen to get five in a row. Obviously I wanted to win my age group (45-49) but I was keen to win the race outright as well,” he said. “Compared to my win here two years ago I felt it a bit tougher today – I certainly felt more tired at the finish, but it maybe because I’m just getting a bit older,” he added. “The race doesn’t start till half way, just wanted to be good and steady in the first half and then pick it up in the second and that’s what I tried to do.” Bennett would like to come back to Waikanae next year and make it six in a row. “Phil Costley might have something to say about that actually. It depends on what he decides to do, but I will be back,” said Bennett.

Gabrielle O’Rourke in the 40-44 age group won the masters women 6km outright in a time of 23m 50s. O’Rourke said that she hadn’t intended going to the lead so early in the race. “But the pace was too slow so I decided to go and just see how I went, it just happened,” she said. “The field was open without Vicky Humphries there – she fell over in training, it’s really unfortunate because she would have been a real factor. “It was open for anyone to win, I just felt good today so it’s great to get a win – it’s really awesome,” said O’Rourke. “I won my age group last year but I was third overall, I was really disappointed because age groups don’t mean much to me as first over the line.” O’Rourke later raced the senior women’s race where she finished 14th in 33m 14s for the 8km.

7 August 2010
Fiona Crombie was our best performing athlete at the NZ Cross Country Champs in Waikanae, leading all the way in the SW 8km for a comfortable win. Michael Bond flew under the radar (again) to win the MM65 age group in his UC singlet. Also performing with distinction were Nicki McFadzien, 2nd in the W19, Tracy Crossley 2nd in the MW35, Kellie Palmer 4th in the SW, and Simon Gannaway 5th in the M19 after a huge battle for the final podium spot. Luke Hurring was the best of the SM this time in 6th place, one spot ahead of cross country legend Phil Costley in 7th. Rosa Flanagan and Annie Vincent were 5th and 6th in the W16 (they still have two more years in this grade) and took home a gold medal in the W16 teams race.
University athletes representing UC and Canterbury at the championships were:
Masters Men 8km 10:00am
Michael Bond (University)
Masters Women 6km 10:40am
Tracy Crossley
Women 19 6km 11:30am
Nicki McFadzienKate Hewitt
Women 16 4km 12:55pm
Annie Vincent, Rosa Flanagan
Boys 14 3km 1:20pm
Guy Greenslade (University)
Men 19 8km 1:40pm
Alex Fowler, Simon Gannaway
Senior Women 8km 2:15pm
Fiona Crombie, Kellie Palmer, Sarah McSweeney
Senior Men 12km 3:05pm
Phil Costley, Brett Tingay, Luke Hurring, Sam Wreford, Dave King

Gold Coast Marathon
4 July 2010
Rowan Hooper was an excellent 7th overall in 2:22.05, just finishing outside his PB
Alex Williams (2:53.20), Rosa Scott (3:12.08), Julieana Findlay(3:13.27 on debut), and Rachel Harrison (3:22.29) all also put up great efforts.

Michael Bond won the men's 65-69 age group in the half marathon in a time of 1:31.45

Prue Taylor won the women's 60-64 age group in the half marathon in a time of 1:45.44

Ex UC track runner Kate Grinlinton (now residing in Wellington) debuted in the half marathon with a net time of 1:56.20.

Race report to come soon

SBS Marathon Event
6 June 2010
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Matt Smith overcame the cold wet conditions to win the 30th anniversary SBS Christchurch marathon on Sunday morning. The 35 year old and Jason Woolhouse had a minute lead at 15km, but by the half way mark, passed in 69m 22s, Smith was out on his own.Running a slightly faster second half Smith was home in 2h 18m 14s. Woolhouse eventually withdrew with Luke Hurring of Christchurch coming through for second in 2h 25m 6s. Ethiopian runner Wondwosen Geleta, now a resident of Australia, was third in 2h 25m 21s.
Smith, a former English representative who has taken up New Zealand citizenship in Christchurch, won the New Zealand half marathon championship last year and is the national 5000m track champion. In the Gold Coast marathon last year Smith was third in 2h 16m 48s. He has a career best of 2h 14m 41s run in Dublin in 2006.

Congratulations to all UC Athletes who competed over the weekend it was great to see everyone out there supporting the event. 
Top 10 results 
Half Marathon (Gun Time)
SM 3rd Phil Costley 1:06:01
SM 6th Rowan Hooper 1:06:24
M19 3rd Simon Gannaway 1:15:12
SW 4th Kellie Palmer 1:19:02
W19 1st SW 7th Nicki McFadzien 1:21:52
SW 9th Julia Roberts 1:25:49

10k (Gun Time)
SM 2nd M19 1st Alex Fowler 31:28
SM 3rd Matt Ingram 31:45
SW 4th Tania Causer 36:16
SW 7th Alex Williams 36:37

Childrens 5.5km

W13-15 2nd Rosa Flanagan 21:23

W13-15 3rd Annie Vincent 22:19


Childrens 2.5km

M11-12 5th Will Boyd 9:06

W11-12 4th Libby Vincent 9:18

M9-10 4th Nathan Cochrane 9:27

FISU World University Cross Country Championship, Ontario, Canada

11 April 2010

Two weeks following his 92nd placing at the World Cross Country Championships Andrew Davidson had another excellent run to finish 18th in a field of 54 athletes at the 17th World University Cross Country Championships held in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. His time over the 10km course was 31:21. The race was won by Japan's Tetsuya Yoroizaka in 30:08.4, pipping Australia's Liam Adams by 1 second. Japan won the team race for the country with the four highest placed finishers.

Sara Moeira of Portugal won the women's 5km race in 16:29.3, while Great Britain were the first team.

2010 World Cross Country

Nicki McFadzien 28th in World XC
Andrew Davidson 92nd click here for full results
Report from Nicki McFadzien
On the 22nd of March the New Zealand Cross Country team and I travelled to Poland for the World 
Cross Country Champs. We spent two nights in Warsaw and had time to do some sightseeing. We did our training in the morning and spent the rest of the day exploring the city. We visited some exquisite cathedrals, walked through the pastel coloured squares and did some shopping. After our time in Warsaw the team travelled on to Bydgoszcz by train. The trip took four hours and we entertained ourselves by playing cards and twenty questions. In Bydgoszcz we prepared for the big race. I might add there was also a little bit of shopping to be done before. We were shown around the city by our attaché and he also introduced us to a Pizza Restaurant. This was no ordinary pizza place; these pizzas were 50cm in diameter! Most of the boys managed to make a sizeable dent in them however no one was able to finish one of these oversized pizzas. Race day was swiftly getting closer and the day before the race it began raining, exactly what we New Zealander’s love! Race day had arrived and the nerves were present on the bus ride to the course. On arrival we were greeted with a muddy course and hundreds of other competitors, including the machines from Ethiopia and Kenya. The races began at 12pm with the Junior Women’s: in this race, Olivia Burne, Danielle Trevis and I competed. It was an awesome race and an amazing experience to be running against the Ethiopians and Kenyans who dominated each race. The course was reasonably flat with a small hill near the beginning of each lap, it was muddy on the first half of the course and then on the other side there were two log jumps. Each lap was 2km. 
I came 28th, Danielle Trevis came 31st and Olivia Burne came 55th. In the junior boys we had Aaron Pulford and he ran a gutsy race to come 69th. In senior women Rachel Kingsford came 74th and senior men had Edwin Henshaw 87th, Andrew Davidson 92nd ( wohoo Ning !! ), Shaun Krawitz 98th and Kim Hogarth 111th. Overall the trip was fantastic, with an awesome team and great results.

A huge thanks must go to Martin McDonald for being a great manager. Also to all those who supported us as individual athletes; in my case this was Canterbury Athletics, Christchurch City Council and New Zealand Secondary Schools Association. Their support is amazing.

Williams Wins Motatapu Mountain Marathon
Alex Williams was back for another go at the Motatapu in 2010. The race starts in Wanaka and finishes in Arrowtown following the offroad track through Motatapu Station which is now a walk track. Alex put in a fine performance winning in a time of 3hours 25 minutes just over 20mins from second place. the event has been running since 2006 and is also a mountain bike too. To find out more about this event go to 

Matt Ingram takes a win on the Coast
14 February 2010 - Buller half marathon
Matt Ingram won the race in 1h 12m 26s with a 2min margin over Luke Armstrong. The conditions were very unpleasant with head winds and hard rain. Alex Williams was second in the open women's grade in a time of 1h 24min 33s not far behind international marathon runner Shireen Crumpton. Bob Webster was second in the Masters Men 50-59 grade in a time of 1h 29m 40s, Ben Bamford was 8th in the open mens race in a time of 1h 20m 08s edging out Sam Murphy who was 9th in a time of 1h 21m 28s.

Davidson and McFadzien to represent NZ at World XC Champs
Congratulations to Andrew Davidson and Nicki McFadzien for making the NZ World Cross Country Team. Their selection was based on recent form at the trials held in Wellington on the 30th of January. They will compete in Bydgoszez poland on the 28th of March. Fiona Crombie was also selected but is unavailable. Nicki was 36th last year in Jordan.

New Zealand Marathon Champs
22 November 2009 - Southland Marathon & Half
A handful of UC athletes travelled south to Invercargill for this event and the associated 1/2 marathon last weekend. The marathon also doubled as the NZ championships this year. Conditions were very windy on the Friday which made for an interesting descent into Invercargill airport but race morning dawned slightly overcast with only a light Westerly (tail) wind. By race time conditions were very good with a couple of spots of rain in the first 10 minutes but other than that cool, relatively calm, overcast conditions.
In the full marathon the first UC finisher was Dave King with a 2h38m27s debut over the distance and 6th place overall. Dave was actually in 3rd place with a few km to go before in his own words "I hit a bit of a flat patch". Still a fantastic first marathon. Lara Phillips was next doubling up on her Auckland marathon effort a few weeks ago with another sub 3hr performance in 2h53m12s. Club Captain Craig Motley managed a 10 minute PB in 3h19m05s and our other marathon competitor was Luke Armstrong who had struggled with injuries in the lead up and made it through to 27km before deciding to call it a day.
In the 1/2 marathon Matt Smith ran away from the field at the start crossing the line for the win in 66m33s with Brett Tingay running a big PB (i think?) of 67m40s for 2nd. Fiona Crombie won the women's section in 1h17m55s to complete a pretty good day for UC. Also running was ex-member Genevieve Bourke who finished 6th in 1h30m. 

Hooper and Smith win in Auckland
1 November 2009 - Adidas Auckland Marathon incorporating the NZ Half Marathon Champs 
Matt Smith 2009 New Zealand Half Marathon Champion
Full Marathon: Rowan Hooper won easily in a time of 2:31:46 over Toc H's Glynn Hadley. Lara Phillips was 2nd to Jess Ruthe in a time of 2:54:55 Rosa Scott and Rachel Harrison finished together in 3:25:22
Half Marathon: Matt Smith was crowned as NZ Half Marathon Champion winning in a time of 1:06:19, 11s faster than Dale Warrander. Alex Williams was 9th SW in a fast field with a time of 1:25:46
10km: Brett Tingay 32:14 and Fiona Crombie 37:28 won the 1/4 marathon races.
Local Events
Shoe Clinic 5km Series North Hagley Park

Every Tuesday 11th 18th 25th of Jan, 1st and 8th of Feb

Great event enter on the day. 
Great spot prizes!
Registered runners 5.45pm 

Alex Williams leads the points for the womens series after winning the first two races. The mens series is starting to shape up as people return from holiday, in close competition are Rowan Hooper, Andrew Davidson, and Matt Ingram. Many athletes are using this series as part of their conditioning for the track season to come. 

Takahe to Akaroa Relay Cancelled

8 September 2010

Message From Daniel Reese - Club President

It is with much regret that I announce the cancellation of the Takahe to Akaroa Relay. This is a decision that the Cross Country and Road Committee has made at their September Committee meeting held this evening.

We are in the process of trying to organise another event.

Further information in regards to venue and format etc will be available on the Athletics Canterbury Website in due course. 


Daniel Reese

On behalf of the Cross Country and Road Running Committee

Timaru Gorges Relay
28 August 2010
Lap 1) Rosa Scott 2) Andrew Woodward 3) Michael Bond 4) Dave King 5) Simon Gannaway
6) Julieana Findlay 7) Karin Muir 8) Sam Wreford

Canterbury Road Champs
23 August 2010
Congratulations to our Canterbury & UC Club Road Race Champions:
Senior Men - Rowan Hooper
Senior Women - Fiona Crombie
Men 19 - Alex Fowler
Women 19 - Nicki McFadzien
Masters Women - Tracy Crossley
Masters Men 65 - Michael Bond
Girls 14 - Annie Vincent
Men 16 Race Walk - Phillip Meikle
UC Athletics again enjoyed a very successful Canterbury Championships on Saturday, this time on the road at Spencer Park. With many of our battle hardened cross country runners being joined by those aiming for the National Road Race held here in two weeks, the fields were deeper than they have been all season, and there were even more UC singlets out in front.
Rowan Hooper controlled the SM 10km from the gun, pulling away from the field to win in a very good solo time of 30:25. Behind him Brett Tingay had worked hard to keep Rowan in his sights, with a chase pack including Phil Costley and Malcolm Hicks a little further back. Phil managed to bridge the gap, joining Brett at the start of the last lap. Brett had a little more left in the tank though and pulled away to finish second in 30:47, Phil 30:57 and Malcolm 4th in 31:26. UC took out the SM team race.
Fiona Crombie continued her dominance in the senior women's grade, winning in a time of 35:02, just under two minutes ahead of Alicia Evans, 37:01, who held off Alex Williams. The gap between these two was never more than 40m throughout the race. The UC women all performed as consistently as ever taking out positions 1-5 and the team win.
Alex Fowler lead a convincing UC 1-2 in the M19 8km, backing up his cross country title to win in 25:23 just ahead of Oska Inkster-Baynes in 25:29. Simon Gannaway was 4th and Thomas Holmes 6th to secure an easy teams win. Nicki McFadzien comfortably won the W19 5km in 17:35 ahead of teammate Louise Harvey.
Tracy Crossley (5km 18:45) and Michael Bond (10km 42:43) were again to the fore in the masters, defending the titles they won here last year.
A strong team of children were lead by Annie Vincent who won the Girls 14 3km in 10:49 ahead of teammates Rosa Flanagan and Emily Boyd. Jessie Anderson (G12) and Saxon Morgan (B10) also performed brilliantly to claim second in their races, both just being outsprinted at the line.
Earlier in the day Phillip Meikle took out the M16 race walk ahead of brother Ben.
Overall a great day for UC Athletics with 8 Gold10 Silver, and 3 Bronze plus 4 team wins!
Video of each race to come soon 
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Canterbury Road Championships, Spencer Park Christchurch – 21 August 2010
Rowan Hooper won the 10km in 30m 25s, from Brett Tingay 30m 47s and Phil Costley 30m 57s. Richard Bennett won the M45 10km in 31m 25s. Fiona Crombie won the women’s 10km in 35m 2s, two minutes ahead of Alicia Evans with Alexandra Williams third. Nicki McFadzien won the W19 5km in 17m 35s, while Tracy Crossleycollected the W35 5km in 18m 45s. Kate Newitt won the 10km road walk in 56m 31s.
Clyde to Alexandra 10km Road Race – 21 August 2010
Luke Hurring of Canterbury won in 29m 34s. Tony Payne in second collected the Otago senior road title in 30m 53s. Nathan Baxter was third in 31m 5s, with Daniel Balchin fourth in 31m 20s. Kellie Palmer of Canterbury was the first woman in 34m 14s, Kirsty Morris was second and Otago champion in 35m 57s and Kim Herbert Losier third in 36m 21s. John Schreuder won the M19 10km in 31m 48s. Master winners were Kerrin Williams 33m 46s and Kathleen MacLachlan 38m 5s.

Auckland Road Championships - 21 August 2010
Sarah McSweeney finished third in the senior women's 10km in 38:39, behind Lisa Robertson, 36:21, and Lydia O'Donnell, 37:33. 
21 August 2010
We have entered 51 athletes in this Saturday's Canterbury Road Champs! Good luck to all running and our three race walkers

Governors Bay to Lyttelton 10km
7 August 2010

UC took out the top five times in the SW and first in the SW team handicap race (first four person team across the line), with Alex Williams fastest overall in 36:48. Rowan Hooper was second fastest in the SM in 31:38. Julieana Findlay was 2nd fastest in the MW in 40:31 and Chris Mardon 3rd in the MM in 33:48. No lucky tickets were given to our individual club members by the handicappers this year!
First start is 9:30am at Governors Bay
UC Entries

Peter Stribling, Andrew Woodward, Karin Muir (+ 13mins); Christian Ruegg (17); Rosa Scott, Rachel Harrison, Whitney Greig (18); Julieana Findlay (19); Aine Hoban, Alicia Evans, Alex Williams, Tania Causer, Stefan Grobecker (20); Phil Causer (21); Drew Appelbaum (22); Chris Mardon (24); Oska Inkster-Baynes, Tom Quirk (26); Rowan Hooper (27 - scratch)

Riverside Relay
31 July 2010
Held outside the Cashmere Club, Hunter Terrace, Beckenham
Senior Men 'A'
Handicap 50 mins - Gun Time 2:07.39 11th Place, Net Time 1:17.39 1stNEW RECORD 
1) Oska Inkster-Baynes 2) Rowan Hooper 3) Andrew Davidson 4) Brett Tingay 5) Gus Taylor
    16:05                           15:10 3rd SM      15:53                      14:50 1st SM     15:41
Senior Men 'B'
Handicap 39 mins - Gun Time 2:04.58 6th Place, Net Time 1:25.58 4th
1) Christian Ruegg 2) Tom Quirk 3) Will O'Connor 4) Dave King 5) Tom Swan
    18:14?                  16:21?          17:30                16:48             17:05
Senior Women
Handicap 52 mins - Gun Time 2:05.01 2nd Place, Net Time 1:13.01 1stNEW RECORD 
1) Louise Harvey 2) Aine Hoban 3) Alex Williams 4) Fiona Crombie
   19:21                  18:41             18:21 2nd SW      16:38 1st SW NEW RECORD
Masters Men
Handicap 26 mins - Gun Time 2:09.12 18th Place, Net Time 1:43.12 9th
1) Malcolm Cornelius 2) Craig Motley 3) Peter Stribling 4) Michael Bond 5) Andrew Woodward
    18:26                       19:46                 21:17                 20:55                 22:48

Canterbury Cross Country Champs
24 July 2010 

Canterbury XC 2010

Eight Canterbury Titles! Phil Costley (SM), Fiona Crombie (SW), Alex Fowler (M19), Flora Brocherie (W19), Michael Bond (M65), Tracy Crossley (W35), Annie Vincent (G14), Jessie Anderson (G12)
15 athletes chosen to represent Canterbury at the National Cross Country in two weeks time
Follow this link for UC results, reports & images: Canterbury Cross Country Championships 2010

 John Connor Memorial Cross Country
18 July 2010
Congratulations to Sophie Smythe (Senior 4km) and Robert Sewell(Childrens 2km), both of the Christchurch Avon Club, who yesterday took line honours in the annual John Connor Memorial Handicap Cross Country hosted by the University of Canterbury Athletic Club. The course, which takes in the University of Canterbury track and surroundings, was at its slippery best (worst?) meaning that long spikes were the order of the day despite the long stretch of sealed footpath alongside the Avon.
Nicki McFadzien (W19) was the best performing University athlete on the day, crossing the line 3rd overall on handicap and netting the fastest women's time on the tough course in 15:53. Rowan Hooper (SM) ran through the field off scratch, coming across the line in 6th and recording the fastest time of the day, 14:22 (in training shoes!). Fellow scratch marker Chris Mardon (M40) also stood out with the second fastest time of the day, 14:48.
In the children's 2km, Ben Marshall-Lee (11) was the first University athlete across the line in 12th place. Guy Greenslade (14) recorded the 2nd fastest time of the day in 7:43.

South Island Cross Country Champs - Kennett Cup
3 July 2010
Well done to everyone who competed. Individual winners on the day were: 
SM (& MM) Phil Costley 
SW Fiona Crombie
W19 Flora Brocherie
G14 Annie Vincent 
+ podium placings for: Brett Tingay (SM), Dan Reese (M55), Kellie Palmer (SW), Tania Causer (SW), Louise Harvey (W19), Simon Gannaway (M19), Guy Greenslade (B14), Rosa Flanagan (G14), Libby Vincent (G13), Jessie Anderson (G12), Nathan Cochrane (B10)

Full Results click here

Anglican Block Relay
19 June 2010
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Sumner won the senior men and masters men teams races on net times with the senior women going to University of Canterbury and the masters women to North Canterbury. Fastest 5km laps were Tania Causer 17m 33s, Lucy Oliver 17m 41s, Aine Hoban 17m 56s andSarah McSweeney 18m 4s in the women and Phil Costley 14m 36s, Kerry Faass 15m 0s, Richard Bennett 15m 3s and Grant Guise 15m 36s in the men.

Holloway Memorial Cross Country Races
12 June 2010
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Phil Costley won the 12km senior race beating Carsten Jorgensen and Richard Bennett. Sarah McSweeney won the senior women’s 8km race heading in Aine Hoban and Fiona McGilroy.

ane Patterson XC
15 May 2010
Athletics NZ Media Release
Phil Costley won the 9km race in 27m 36s, beating Carsten Joergensen by nearly a minute. Sarah McSweeney won the women’s 6km in 20m 27s, with Fiona Gilroy second in 21m 3s. 

Lionel Fox Relays - Woodend
8 May 2010
Athletics NZ Media Release
University won both the men’s and women’s 4 x 5km relays. Phil Costley with the fastest individual lap time of 14m 34s anchored the men to victory and Tania Causer with the best time for the women of 17m 41s anchored home the women’s team. Sumner were 29 seconds back in second in the men and Christchurch Avon were nearly three minutes adrift in second in the women. Sumner won the master men and Port Hills the master women.

New Balance 15km - Tai Tapu
2 May 2010

Hagley Memorial Relay - Hosted by UC Athletics
24 April 2010 - North Hagley Park

Click for Hagley Memorial Relays event page for more about this event and race reports
This year's results
Junior Relays                       Results
SM, MM Relays                   Results 
SW, W19, M19 Relays         Results

We had 9 senior teams and showed a lot of depth in the quality of early season performances in the women's teams. UC retained the SM and SW team titles. In wet conditions everyone was out giving it their all, and then enjoyed a beverage and hot food at the Carlton afterwards. Thanks to Dan Reese and his team of volunteers that made the race run smoothly.

20 March 2010

This was the first relay of the year, held in South Hagley Park which for some newcomers proved to be difficult to find, once we tracked them down it was all action. The two fine teams were Chris's Chargers and Rosa's Racers each team was made of 5 runners each running 4km. Sarah McSweeney was the fastest lady of the day and Scott McDonald the fastest man. The prize giving included easter eggs and chocolate bunnies, which went down a treat. 

Shoe Clinic Asics 5km Series
UC athletes in the 5km Series (L-R): Alex Williams, Malcolm Cornelius, Aine Hoban (in black)
This annual five race 5km series is held on Tuesday evenings in January and February each summer over a course consisting of three 1.7km laps in North Hagley Park. Separate races are held each evening for Athletics New Zealand registered athletes, for recreational runners and walkers and for children under 15 years enabling everyone to participate. The series is supported by The Shoe Clinic, Asics and associated sponsors ensuring there is a great range of spot prizes each evening and valuable series performance prizes for runners in the registered races.
This season Alex Williams won the women's series with a total of 44 points, Aine Hoban missed a Tuesday but was still second with 37 points. Also taking part in the series were Kellie Palmer, Rachel Harrison and Fiona Crombie.  
Matt Ingram was second on points in the men's event with a tally of 43, Phil Costley was 3rd with 32 points and Luke Armstrong 5th with 21. Other UC athletes that competed in the series were Luke Hurring, Brett Tingay, Dave King, Sam Murphy, Chris Mardon, Malcolm Cornelius, Michael Bond and Bob Webster. 

Town and Country Brokers Rovers 10km 
30 January 2010 - Halswell
SM Phil Costley 1st 32.49, Luke Armstrong 2nd 33.54
SW Alex Williams 1st 38.00, Annabelle Latz 42.02

UC Win Historical Gold NRR Takahe to Akaroa

10 October 2009

Saturday was a proud day for UC Athletics. History was made being the first time the University club has won national titles in both the mens and womens road relay at the same event.  It was fitting that it was made in home territory on the 70th year of the most prestigous road relay in the country. 

The 2009 victory for UC made for three in a row for the senior men's team joining a select number of clubs that have achieved a hat-trick. They were untouchable leading from the first lap and increasing the margin to win by just under ten minutes. Fastest laps went to Phil Costley 1, Brett Tingay 3, Luke Hurring 4, Matt Smith 5, Richy Olsen 6, and Andrew Davidson 8. The senior men had the honour of running the message of greetings from Christchurch to Akaroa in a time of 4 hours 4 minutes and 37 seconds, just 15 seconds outside the club record set in 1985.

The senior women have won the Takahe to Akaroa event 18 times since the women's grade was introduced in 1974. The 2009 National Road Relay title was the 4th to be won by our women the last being in 1982. University hit the lead on lap two and steadily increased it to win in 4 hours 55 minutes and 51seconds, just under 10 minutes ahead of Pakuranga and 30 seconds off the club record set in 1981. Fastest laps went to Alex Williams 3, Sarah McSweeney 7, and Fiona Crombie 5 who also broke the lap record.

All six UC teams performed exceptionally well, with both B teams winning local grades. A big thank you to the volunteers from our club who braved the worst of the weather officiating on the hill top at the end of lap 6. 

For full results race reports and photos click here 

t2a part 2

Club Road Champs
We had a great turn-out at the club road champs on Saturday - it was awesome to see a fair amount of maroon and gold mixed with CHA's mass of runners. A big thanks to George Hooper for his hospitality. Congratulations to our Club Road Champions for 2009 Phil Costley 14:58 and Nicki McFadzien 17:12. 
Please note there was a slight glitch with the stopwatch (mangleboard nomination for Cassels?) so all times are approximate and for some runners we have no time... Our apologies for this.
1. Guy Greenslade
1. Annie Vincent
2. Rosa Flanagan
1. Quinn Motley
Seniors (5km)
1. Phil Costley 14.58
2. Luke Hurring 15.05
3. Thijs Hubber 16.01
4. Dave King 16.30
5. Dylan McNeice 17.00
6. Nicki McFadzien 17.12
7. Ben Bamford 17.30
8. Stefan Grobecker 17.55
9. Dan Reese 18.12
10. Sarah McSweeney 18.54
11. Craig Motley 19.15
12. Rose Pearson 19.55
13. Christian Ruegg 19.59
14. Peter Stribling 20.38
15. Michael Bond 20.45
16. George Hooper 21.45
17. Lucia Tucker 22.42
18. Audra Hansard 23.12
19. Stephanie Gutschmidt 24.00