Race Description

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Course Description


Lap 1 Takahe to Allandale, 9.6km, uphill, downhill and undulating.

From the start run on the left hand side, a winding road uphill to Sign of Kiwi 3.5km, steep downhill to Governors Bay 6.5km, then undulating to 1st baton change, 9.6km (run on left side for entire lap).

Lap 2 Allandale to Gebbies Valley, 10.4km, undulating, flat, then hill.

Runners shall start on the left hand side, small hill immediately after beginning of lap. Crossover to right hand side, 2.7km, then flat to Wheatsheaf Hotel 4.3km. Turn right, then cross to left hand side at St.Peters Church (Junior Relay 1st baton change) 4.8km. Continue running on on left hand side to end of lap. Continue to bottom of hill 6.2km to top of Gebbies Pass, 7.6km, to bottom of hill, 9.3km, flat to Millers Rd, 10.1km, turn left (Millers Rd) to 2nd baton change (300m to baton change), 10.4km.

Lap 3 Gebbies Valley to Ataahua Domain, Kaituna, 10.0km, flat. Runners shall run on Right hand side for entire lap. From beginning of lap runners follow Millers Road road to Akaroa highway, 3.0km, then follow main highway to Ataahua Domain, 10.0km.

Lap 4 Ataahua Domain, Kaituna to Lake Forsyth, 9.4km, flat.

Runners shall run on Right hand side for entire lap on Akaroa highway. Pass Birdlings Flat turnoff, 7.6km, then a straight (the final straight to baton change is 1.5km total) before the finish at the 4th baton change, 9.4km.

Lap 5 Lake Forsyth to Cooptown, 10.7km, flat.

Runners shall run on Right hand side for entire lap on Akaroa highway, winding road along the edge of Lake Forsyth, through Little River township 7km. Finish in Cooptown (Banks Peninsula Transport yard), 10.7km, (400mbefore foot of the hill).

Lap 6 Cooptown to Hilltop, 6.8km, uphill.

From beginning of lap cross to left hand side, 400m on flat then continue uphill, to finish at the start of the Summit Road. Crossover to right hand side of road will be approx. 50m before Hilltop baton change.

Lap 7 Hilltop to Duvauchelle, 9.5km, undulating and downhill.

From beginning of lap run on right hand side along Summit Road (past Stock Route, approx 3.8km) to cross road (Pigeon Bay/Duvauchelle intersection), 5.6km, turn sharp right at cross road. Steep downhill, run on left hand sidefor all downhill to baton change, 9.5km. Finish opposite Duvauchelle Hotel.

Lap 8 Duvauchelle to Akaroa Domain, 9.9km, three hills then flat.

From beginning of lap cross to right hand side, continue on right hand side until entry to boat ramp/carpark. Three hills between beginning of lap and beginning of Akaroa township, turn right, 9.2km, down boat ramp/car park entrance past the back of the Pavilion. Follow around the perimeter of the domain to finish in front of the Pavilion.