Canterbury Cross Country

Halswell Quarry Course
Saturday 24 July 2010

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UC Entries
SM 12km                                                                                    SW 8km
Phil Costley                                                                                 Tania Causer
Luke Hurring                                                                                Fiona Crombie
Dave King                                                                                    Alicia Evans
Jason Lawrence                                                                           Aine Hoban
Jacob Lim                                                                                    Nicki McFadzien
Brett Tingay                                                                                 Sarah McSweeney
                                                                                                   Julia Roberts
MM 8km                              
Chris Mardon (M35)                                                                      MW 6km
Peter Stribling (M55)                                                                     Tracy Crossley (W35)
Michael Bond (M65)                                                                      Julieana Findlay (W35)
M19 8km                                                                                     W19 6km
Alex Fowler                                                                                  Flora Brocherie
Simon Gannaway                                                                          Louise Harvey   
Thomas Holmes                                                                            Kate Hewitt
Oska Inkster-Baynes                                                                     Brigitta Rennie
B14 4km                                                                                     W16 4km
Guy Greenslade                                                                           Sammy Richards
B12 3km                                                                                     G14 3km
William Boyd                                                                               Rosa Flanagan
Ben Marshall-Lee                                                                         Annie Vincent
                                                                                                  Libby Vincent
B10 2km
Logan Anderson                                                                           G12 3km
Nathan Cochrane                                                                         Jessie Anderson
Jordan Mehlhopt                                                                          Rhiannon Adams
Saxon Morgan
Tom Vincent                                                                                G10 2km
                                                                                                  Kate Boyd
                                                                                                  Brittany Findlay
                                                                                                  G8 & Under 2km
                                                                                                  Olivia Findlay
                                                                                                  Baileigh O'Sullivan
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2010 UC Results
Senior Men
1      Phil Costley            40:37
2      Brett Tingay            41:25
3      Luke Hurring           42:04
6      Dave King               45:07
9      Jason Lawrence      46:46
15    Jacob Lim               52:35
Senior Women
1      Fiona Crombie         30:39
2      Nicki McFadzien      31:11
3      Kellie Palmer           31:52
4      Julia Roberts           32:02
5      Sarah McSweeney   32:25
6      Alicia Evans             32:51
7      Tania Causer            32:55
Masters Men
3 M40 Chris Mardon         29:50
1 M65 Michael Bond         38:13
7 M55 Peter Stribling        39:08
Masters Women
1 W35 Tracy Crossley     25:33
Men 19
1      Alex Fowler              28:22
3      Simon Gannaway     28:38
5      Thomas Holmes       30:49
Women 19
1      Flora Brocherie         25:12
2      Louise Harvey           25:47
Women 16
11    Sammy Richards       19:33
Boys 14
6      Guy Greenslade        15:58          
Girls 14
1      Annie Vincent           11:56
2      Rosa Flanagan         11:59
Girls 13
4      Libby Vincent            12:45
Boys 12
6      Will Boyd                  12:47
Girls 12
1      Jessie Anderson        12:34       
8      Rhiannon Adams       14:01
Boys 11
2      Ben Marshall-Lee       12:12
Boys 10
3      Nathan Cochrane        7:48
5      Saxon Morgan            7:56
9      Logan Anderson          8:21
16    Jordan Mehlhopt          9:13
Girls 10
15    Kate Boyd                   9:32
Boys 9
10    Tom Vincent               10:46
Race Reports
26 July 2010
Athletics New Zealand Media Release
Canterbury Cross Country Championships, Halswell Quarry – 24 July 2010
Phil Costley chalked up his 103rd first class title (provincial and national) winning the senior title over 12,000m from Brett Tingay and Luke Hurring. Costley recorded 40m 37s, 48 seconds ahead of Tingay with a further 39 seconds to Hurring. Fiona Crombie won the women’s 8000m title in 30m 39s from Nicki McFadzien 31m 11s and Kellie Palmer 31m 52s. Richard Bennett M45 won the masters 8000m outright in 27m 56s from M40 Kerry Faass 28m 16s. M19 went to Alex Fowler with 28m 22s for the 8km, the M16 to Zac Barber 22m 16s for the 6km, Lydia Marshall won the W16 4000m in 16m 48s, Flora Brocherie the W19 6000m in 25m 12s and Tracy Crossley the W35 6000m in 25m 33s.
Congratulations to the following 15 athletes for being selected to represent Canterbury at the National Cross Country Champs in Waikanae, 7 August:
Senior Men
Phil Costley
Brett Tingay
Luke Hurring
Sam Wreford
Dave King 
Senior Women
Fiona Crombie
Kellie Palmer
Masters Women
Tracy Crossley (W35)
Men 19
Alex Fowler
Simon Gannaway
Women 19
Nicki McFadzien
Sarah McSweeney
Kate Hewitt
Women 16
Annie Vincent
Rosa Flanagan
2009 Canterbury Cross Country Champs - Halswell Quarry

Thomas Holmes on his way to winning the M16 title
Senior Men's race, lap 1. In front is Brett Tingay, Matt Harris,
Rowan Hooper and Andrew Davidson
Midway Andrew (Ning) & Rowan made a break on the rest of the field,
Ning extended the lead to a convincing win
Flora Brocherie crossing the water in the final lap to finish third in the W19 race

Nicki McFadzien about to splash through the creek in her last lap to win the W19 title. The race was run in conjunction with the M16 race, Nicki was third overall across the line