Winter 2009

New Zealand XC Champs Halswell Quarry 1st August

Results (NZ championships)
M40 Malcolm Cornelius 25th
M55 Dan Reese 2nd, Bob Webster 8th, George Hooper 15th
M16 Jack McDonald 7th, Thomas Holmes 11th (both part of Silver medal winning team)
G12 Libby Vincent 13th
W19 Flora Brocherie 11th, Sarah McSweeney 14th (both part of Gold medal winning team)
B12 William Boyd 12th
M19 Simon Gannaway 10th (part of Bronze medal winning team)
G14 Annie Vincent 4th, Rosa Flanagan 5th, Juliette Poad 12th (shame there wasn't a teams race in this division because we would have cleaned up...)
SW Fiona Crombie 1st, Kellie Palmer 2nd, Alicia Evans 8th, Aine Hoban 15th, Rachel Harrison 18th, Rosa Scott 23rd (all except Aine part of the Gold medal winning team - in fact all members of the SW team were UC athletes and Aine is an Irish citizen so unable to count in the teams race)
B14 Guy Greenslade 11th
SM Andrew Davidson 1st, Rowan Hooper 4th, Brett Tingay 8th, Matthew ingram 13th, Phil Costley 15th, (all part of Gold medal winning team), and Dave King 27th, Ben Bamford 33rd.

Canterbury XC Champs Halswell Quarry 18th July

SW 8km

1 #701 Crombie, Fiona WSR University 29:32 1

2 #397 Hoban, Aine WSR University 30:56 2

3 #895 Palmer, Kelly WSR University 31:11 3

4 #402 Evans, Alicia WSR University 32:31 4

5 #604 Harrison, Rachel WSR University 33:14 5

6 #399 Scott, Rosa WSR University 34:52 6

M19 8km

2 #962 Gannaway, Simon M18 University 27:34 2

W10 2km

12 #967 Redden, Clare W10 University 11:17

M9 2km

1 #1462 Cochrane, Nathan M9 University 8:23

14 #3 Glubb, Liam M9 University 11:59 14

M13 4km

3 #848 Greenslade, Guy Su M13 University 15:48

G13 3km

1 #847 Flanagan, Rosa W13 University 11:49

M11 3km

4 #557 Boyd, William M11 University 12:47


1 #763 McFadzien, Nicki W18 University 21:55

3 #1102 Brocherie, Flora W17 University 24:17


1 #1563 Holmes, Thomas M16 University 21:02


1 #1051 Davidson, Andrew SR University 38:44

2 #398 Hooper, Rowan SR University 39:27  

4 #495 Ingram, Matt SR University 39:49

5 #349 Harris, Matthew SR University 40:01

6 #873 Tingay, Brett SR University 40:26

9 #617 King, Dave SR University 43:44

10 #156 Bamford, Ben SR University 44:32

16 #18 Tibble, Kieran SR University 55:50

MM 35-49

2 #421 Costley, Phil 35 University 27:11

34 #1552 Cornelius, Malcolm 40 University 33:56

MM 50+

3 #396 Reese, Daniel 50 University 32:06

24 #400 Stribling, Peter 55 University 36:00

Kennet Cup/SI XC Champs



G9 15th  #554 Boyd, Kate                     10:52 

G10 13th  #967 Redden, Clare              11:19  

G13 2nd #1449 Vincent, Annie              11:25                 

    3rd  #847 Flanagan, Rosa                  11:27 

G14 5th #1840 Poad, Juliette                 12:09 


B8 7  #428 Vincent, Tom                        12:01

B9 1 #1462 Cochrane, Nathan                 8:35

M11 6th  #557 Boyd, William                   11:41 

M12 14th  #968 Redden, Marc                18:05


1st  #763 McFadzien, Nicki                     15:02 

3rd #1102 Brocherie, Flora                     16:10 




   1  #701 Crombie, Fiona                       14:51                 

   3   #16 Phillips, Lara                            16:47                 

   4  #399 Scott, Rosa                             17:03  

M19 1 McDonald, Jack                            19:24.0 


 1  #398 Hooper, Rowan                         26:20               

  2  #873 Tingay, Brett                            26:32                

  3  #495 Ingram, Matt                            26:37                 

  4  #349 Harris, Matthew                        26:52    

 8  #156 Bamford, Ben                           29:11                

  9  #617 King, Dave                              29:20  

20   #18 Tibble, Kieran                           35:05 

MM 35-49

27  #497 Motley, Craig                            34:20

49  #410 Woodward, Andrew                  41:21 

MM 50+

2  #396 Reese, Daniel                            32:44

15  #401 Hooper, George                       36:20

19  #400 Stribling, Peter                         37:12

Anglican Block Relays

1st Senior mens team : Scott McDonald, Craig Motley, Simon Gunnaway, Daniel Reese, Ben Bamford. Net time 1:33:42

3rd Senior Women team: Louise Moody, Alex Williams, sarah McSweeney, Lara Phillips. Net  time 1:29:19

12th Masters Men: Peter Stribling, Andrew Woodward Michael Bond George Hooper Bob Webster net time 1:50:46

Fastest times: Scott McDonald M19 18:33, Simon Gunnaway 17:03, 

Full results click here


Year 9 Girls 3000m
Annie Vincent Rangi Ruru 3rd 10:55
Rosa Flannagan Rangi Ruru 14th 11:31
Juliette Poad St Margarets 19th 11:33
Emily Boyd Rangi Ruru 41st 12:06

Year 9 Boys 3000m
Andre Laredo STAC 110th 11:12
Sefton Cole CBHS 115th 11:14

Junior Boys 4000m
James Welsh St Thomas 37th 13:58

Senior Boys 6000m
Thomas Holmes Mt Hutt 40th 20:15
Jack McDonald Ashburton 53rd 20:30

Senior Girls 4000m
Nicki McFadzien Villa Maria 2nd 13:47
Flora Brocherie Villa Maria 9th 14:25

New Brighton Road Races Sat 23rd May

Fiona Crombie and Aine Hoban lead the field in the open womens event. Fiona won in a time of 16:51 and Aine clocked 17:39.

Matt Ingram took line honours in the open mens 5km event in a time of 15:01, team mates Malcolm Hicks 15:43, Luke Armstrong 15:53 and Thijs Hubber 16:02 secured the placings from 3rd to 5th. 

Daniel Reese was 3rd in the MM50 grade in a time of 18:16, Bob Webster was 2nd in the MM55 grade in a time of 19:21.

Annie Vincent was placed 3rd in the G12 1.6km race, 06:22

For full results click here

Jane Paterson XC

Sat 16th June

New Brighton Club Rooms, Rawhiti Domain, Keyes Road


12.45pm 4km  -W15/16/, W17/18/19 B13/14

W17 1st Flora Brocherie 14:33

1.05pm   2km  - BU8,GU8, B9/10 G9/10   

BU8 4th Tom Vincent 15:12

G9/10 14th Clare Reddan 17:04 

B9/10 2nd Nathan Cochrane 11.33

1.20pm   6km  - M18/17, M17/18/19

M19 1st Simon Gannaway 19:37

1.45pm   3km  - G13/14 B11/12 G11/12

G13/14 1st Annie Vincent 12:49

B11/12 3rd William Boyd 13:37

            19th Marc Reddan 17:04

2pm        6km   - SW, MW

SW 1st Fiona Crombie 20:56

       2nd Nicki McFadzien 21:09

       3rd Aine Hoban  21:58

       4th Rachel Harrison 22:01

       5th Alicia Evans 22:19

       7th Rosa Scott    22:41

2.35pm   9km   - SM, MM 

SM 1st Rowan Hooper 28:31

       12th Kieran Tibble 39:57

MM35-49 49th Andrew Woodward 43:03

MM50+ 5th Dan Reese 35:29

             21st Peter Stribling 39:39


For full results from the Jane Paterson XC     

New Balance Tai Tapu 15km Road Race

UC athletes performed exceptionally well: titles going to Matt Smith in 44:45 and Nicki McFadzien in 56 mins flat.

Rowan Hooper was a close second 44:53 followed by Matt Ingram 4th in 46:48, 6th Luke Armstrong 49:34, 7th Thijs Hubber 50:18, 9th Jack McDonald 51:37

For full results visit

Lovelock Relays 02 May

Matt Harris fastest lap 4min 8s

SW 3rd

SM 4th

Mixed Social 

For detailed results

Hagley Memorial Relay 25th April 09

A fantastic kick off to the 09 winter season was had at Hagley Memorial Relay. Both the senior men and women A teams took out the titles while the both B teams were next home to complete a double quinella.  The senior womens team of Nicki McFadzien, Fiona Crombie, Aine Hoban and Tania Causer ran swiftly home in 58min 8s to break the course record by 16s. Tania anchored the team to take the fastest lap of the day in 14 min 16s. Andrew Davidson edged out team mate Rowan Hooper by 1 second to take the fastest lap in 12 min 6s. We had a big representation from the club with a UC record of nine teams as well as a junior team.


1st University A  1:14:22 Matt Ingram12:17,Matt Smith 12:15, Andrew Davidson12:06, Phil Costley 12:22, Dave King13:15 Rowan Hooper 12:07 

2nd University B  1:19:41 Luke Armstrong 12:58Malcolm Hicks13:00 Jack MacDonald  13:36 Thijs Hubber 13:19 Simon Gannaway13:18 Jake Coom 13:30 

University C 1:35:36 Tom Davison 13:43, Bob Webster 15:42, Matt Keir15:30, Christian Ruegg 16:40, Kieran Tibble16:45, Craig Motley17:16


University D 1:28:45 Malcolm Cornelius16:18 Russell Wordsworth 15:31 Isaac Peneha 17:42  Andrew Davidson 12:43Harrison Dean13:37, Matt Ingram12:54


University Masters Men 1:40:58 Michael Bond 17:43, Peter Stribing 17:21, Dan Reese 15:36, Craig Motley15:32, George Hooper 16:57, Andrew Woodward 17:49.


1st University SW A 0:58:08 (course record) Nicki McFadzien 14:40, Fiona Crombie 14:30, Aine Hoban 14:42, Tania Causer 14:16


2nd University SW B 1:04:15 Alicia Evans15:32, Julieana Findlay 16:21, Rachael Harrison 16:04, Rosa Scott 16:18


University SW C 1:16:25 Alice Webster 17:25, Audra Hansard 19:28, Diane Carrer 21:05, Kate Grinlinton 18:27


University W19 + SW 1:08:12 Flora Brocherie 15:40, Sarah McSweeney 17:11, Katherine McLean 18:42, Ashleigh Hall 16:39

For full results click here


4th April Hagley Relay Trial
Children's Race (approx)
1. Juliette Poad     7.02
2. Rita Poad          7.29
Senior's Race 4.2km (approx)
Mat Ingram                12.23
Dave King                  13.10
Luke Vujcich              14.27
Nicki McFadzien        15.02
Daniel Reese             15.16
Richard Gray             15.38
Craig Motley              15.49
Shaun Brooks            15.52
Alicia Evans               15.58
Christian Ruegg          16.34
Alice Webster             17.04
Kieran Tibble               17.07
Peter Stribling             17.12
George Hooper            17.48
Audra Hansard            19.15
Louise Moody              19.55
Geoff Chase                 21.28
Stephanie Gutschnidt   21.29


Summer 2008/2009

UC athletes have competing fiercely at QEII and throughout the country over last couple of months with personal bests dropping and titles being won all round. Here is a quick update apologies to those who I have missed out.

14 Feb Buller Gorge Half Marathon

2nd Alex Williams 1hr 22m 34s

Capital Classic

Men 3000m 1st Andrew Davidson 8min 29s

Woman 800m 2nd Kate Grinlinton 2min 15.2s

15 Feb Porritt Classic 

Men 1500m 3rd Richard Olsen 3min 46s

Women 2nd Fiona Crombie 4min 29s

24th Jan - NZ 10000m Champs inglewood

1st Rowan Hooper 30min 31.08s, Andrew Davidson 30min 43.59s

24th Jan- Sylvia Potts Classic Hastings

 Women 800m 2nd Kate Grinlinton 2min 13.52 s

Women 3000m 1st Fiona Crombie 9min 41.95s

27 Dec New Balance Christmas Classic

Check out the video footage on this site.

Womens Mile 5th Flora Brocherie 5min 7.05s, 6th Ashleigh Hall 5min 22.54s

Mens Mile 5th Jake Coom 4min 17.62s

Womens 5000m  1st Fiona Crombie 16min 34.71s, 2nd Nicki Mc Fadzien 16min 43.73s, Rachel Harrison 18min 44.95s

Mens 5000m 1st Andrew Davidson 14min 22.64s, 3rd Rowan Hooper 14min 31.71s, 4th Richard Olsen 14min 34.47s, 7th Gus 15min 06.95s, Luke Armstrong 15 min 28.34s


Results Winter 2007

National Cross-Country Championships, Dunedin 4th August.


A fantastic day for the club with several top 10 finishers and most contributing to teams medals.


Senior Men 12km - Rowan Hooper 39m29s 2nd, Andrew Davidson 39m37s 4th, Richard Olsen 40m38s 10th, Justin Carnaby 41m35s 18th, Thijs Hubber 41m39s 20th. All were members of the Canterbury team which won silver.


Senior Women 8km - Julia Scoones 31m06s 7th, Alicia Evans 32m28s 13th, Rachel Harrison 33m27s 15th, Rosa Scott 33m47s 16th. All were members of the Canterbury team which won bronze.


Men 19 8km - Hugo Beamish 26m24s 4th, Jake Coom 27m20s 9th, Gus Taylor 27m29s 11th. All were members of the Canterbury team which won silver.


Masters Men 8km - Dan Reese - 5th M50 30m52s, George Hooper 5th M55 34m28s.


Governor's Bay to Lyttleton 10k results


Several club members made an appearance on this hilly, handicapped 10k course. Matt Smith took fastest time on he day starting as the back marker he ran through most of the field to record an excellent 30m35s. Ruth Thomas crossed the line 12th and 2nd woman while Annabelle Latz took 3rd fastest women's time in 39m16s. Junior Sarwan Chand in his debut for the club was 10th fastest overall in a PB 35m39s. Full club results below


Peter Stribling 42m22s, George Hooper 42m29s, Matt Smith 30m35s, Christian Ruegg 44m20s, Matthew Ingram 31m31s, Sam Murphy 39m19s, Sarwan Chand 35m39s, Ruth Thomas 44m23s, Annabelle Latz 39m16s, Kathy Basire 49m46s, Alex Williams 41m26s, Janine O'Dea 40m31s, Hannah Corbett 43m58s.


Riverside Relay results


Good results on a very cold, wintery day in Beckenham. We had 3 teams entered and they all finished within 90 seconds of each other so the handicappers did a great job. The Senior Mens 'A' team took the days fastest overall time with 4 of them in the 8 fastest overall times. Janine and Alex also featured in the top 6 overall winners time and we had several runners in the 20 minute range in all age groups so that will make the selectors job that much harder for the coming events.


University 1 1:21:15 2:09:15 1                     

Sam Murphy       Matt Ingram     Ryan McInnes     Thijs Hubber     Richard Olsen  

21 SM 18:09 35 O/All 3 SM 15:14 3 O/All 7 SM 16:42 8 O/All 4 SM 16:13 5 O/All 2 SM 14:57 2 O/All


University 2 1:41:37 2:09:37 12                     

Alex Williams       Michael Bond     Kathy Basire     Hannah Corbett     Peter Stribling  

35 SM 19:59 81 O/All 41 SM 20:54 112 O/All 4 SW 19:41 74 O/All 6 SW 21:03 117 O/All 36 SM 20:00 82 O/All


University 2 1:37:56 2:10:56 10                     

Andrew Matthews       Peter Stribling     Craig Motley     Dan Reese     James Busby  

28 SM 19:02 56 O/All 50 MM 20:56 113 O/All 33 SM 19:37 72 O/All 16 MM 18:16 41 O/All 37 SM 20:05 85 O/All



Canterbury XC results


Some fantastic club results on Saturday as we totally dominated the Senior Mens and Womens races with over half the field in each race. Individual medals were won by Dan, Tania, Julia S, Rowan, Matt S and Ning as well as the Senior Mens and Womens teams races. Tania and Rowan are, of course, the Canterbury Champions. Full results below


MM - Dan Reese 2nd M50,George Hooper 5th M55, Peter Stribling 11th M50


SW - Tania Causer 1st, Julia Scoones 2nd, Kerry Wray 4th, Alicia Evans 6th (these 4 won the teams race), Megan Balchin (Ariki) 7th, Rachel Harrison 8th, Julia Grant 9th, Rosa Scott 10th, Annabelle Latz 11th, Alex Williams 12th, Gloria White 13th.


G10 - Abby Welsh 12th; B9 - Travers Cole 9th


B11 - Sefton Cole 7th


SM - Rowan Hooper 1st, Matt Smith 2nd, Andrew davidson 3rd, Richard Olsen 5th, Thijs Hubber 7th, Ryan McInnes 8th (these 6 won the teams race), Sam Murphy 13th, James Busby 16th.


John Connor results
James Busby was the first UC athlete across the line and there was a great turn-out from the club with well over 1/2 the field in the senior race representing UC. Fastest man went to Matt Ingram with fastest woman Tania Causer.


South Island XC Championships & Gold Coast Marathon, 1/2 & 10k races, 30 June/1st July


More great results for UC over the weekend. On Saturday we had nearly 20 athletes competing and once again featured at the front of many races - looking good for the Canterbury Championships in a couple of weeks time. Results below


M19 Gus Taylor 1st; B11 Sefton Cole 5th; G10 Abby Welsh 15th; B9 travers Cole 9th; SW Tania Causer 2nd, Julia Scoones 4th, Kerry Wray 5th, Alicia Evans 6th, Rachel Harrison 7th, Annabelle Latz 13th, Alex Williams 19th, SW Teams
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